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TerraMinds Twitter Search

Did everyone see Teri Lussier's post on Blooodhound Blog about using Twitter:  http://www.bloodhoundrealty.com/BloodhoundBlog/?p=2289

One of the points Teri makes is about connecting with people in her hometown neighborhood through Twitter.

The obvious way to do that, would be, of course, to search through Twitter "tweets" using the name of your city or neighborhood.  And that can be done in "Twitter Track", except Twitter Track can only be used with IM/mobile phones.  Web users are out of luck.

NOT.  TerraMinds came up with a micro search application for Twitter messages and users.

 Try it here:  http://terraminds.com/twitter/

Type in, oh, let's say, Oakland Raiders  (Yeah, right, don't laugh.)  TerraMinds found these "tweets" about the Raiders posted within the last 3 months:  http://terraminds.com/twitter/query?query=oakland+raiders

Now, type in the name of your local community.  There you go.  Now you have a list of twitter members tweeting about your market area.  Follow them.  Read what they have to say, get on their radar, and maybe they'll start following you.





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Our highly skilled and experienced staff serves all of Southern California and handles all types of property.



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TerraMinds Twitter Search
Did everyone see Teri Lussier's post on Blooodhound Blog about using Twitter: http://www. bloodhoundrealty. com/BloodhoundBlog/? p=2289 One of the points Teri makes is about connecting with people in her hometown neighborhood through Twitter. The… more
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