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Online Store: Old Dog, Old Tricks

This is, what, Day 5, of my online store challegene?  The preceding episodes are here:

Online Store/E-Commerce

Online Store Brain Dump, Chapter Two 

Online Store Brain Dump, Chapter Three

Online Store Brain Dump, Chapter Four


Anyway, I signed up for a trial at Instant eStore as discussed in Chapter Four; it didn't take too long to realize the brain-fit wasn't quite there.  I could see it being a great solution, but I just don't have the time to learn my way around.  Did I say, I wanted a prototype finished by Saturday?  :-)

So, when in a crunch, you go with what you know.  Here is a very, very simple store set up for Lillian on a TypePad blog, with a PayPal Shopping Cart.   Feel free to click the "Add to Cart" buttons to see how they work, but for Heaven's Sake, PLEASE DO NOT try to check out -- since there is no store and no merchandise yet!!  I disabled all the buttons, (except one) to prevent a disaster.  And don't criticize the photos, the main purpose here was to see if I could get the Shopping Cart thingie working.

Using TypePad, each product is a simple blog post, with date, comments and trackbacks removed.  Each product needs a name or number to reference when creating the shopping cart button. 

PayPal's shopping cart thingie isn't easy to find on their web site.  OK, it's under the Merchant Services tab.  Here's the link for anyone else that might need it:


This PayPal page generates the "Add to Cart" and "View Cart" buttons, you need to be logged into your PayPal account to use it:


Once I get Lillian's simple blog-store live, then we'll move on to the eBay thing.  And then I'll get some other artists on board.



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Online Store: Old Dog, Old Tricks
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