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TypePad Custom CSS - A Hairline For A Copy Cat Blog

The Fake Weenie takes another turn in the spotlight.  If you need a refresher on the original construction of the Fake Weenie, check here:  TypePad: Deconstructing A Weenie

You know, I'm sorta fond of hairline borders, and I think I'd like a hairline border separating the two columns of the Fake Weenie (http://www.fakeweenie.com/)

Here's a screen shot of the borderless weenie:

To create a hairline border separating the two column using custom CSS, do this:

Sign in to your TypePad account

Click Weblogs, select your blog.  Hit Design -> Click Edit Custom CSS


 Add this line of code to the Custom CSS text box:

.layout-two-column-right #alpha-inner {border-right: 1px solid gray}

(You know the drill -- Do NOT omit the DOT, the brackets are curly brackets)

Then click Save Changes


Back at the Design screen, scroll to the bottom, click Republish Weblog


 At the pop-up window, click Publish

Viola!  The Fake Weenie with a hairline border separating the columns:

If you are using a two-column layout with the sidebar to the left, or a three-column layout, your CSS code will be slightly different.  Stand by!

Coming soon:  Cheatsheets with the element names for the three most common TypePad layouts.






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TypePad Custom CSS - A Hairline For A Copy Cat Blog
The Fake Weenie takes another turn in the spotlight. If you need a refresher on the original construction of the Fake Weenie, check here: TypePad: Deconstructing A Weenie You know, I'm sorta fond of hairline borders, and I think I'd like a… more
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