Random thoughts on art, technology, stuff, and occasionally Real Estate: June 2007

The Blue Cat Of Castle Town

I grew up in Eagle Rock, a community in Northeast Los Angeles, California. Many of my early childhood memories involve a trip to the Eagle Rock Branch library.  I still have pictures in my mind of the way books were arranged on the low shelves in the children's section, the polished wood floors, the high windows, hurrying down the steps with an armload of new books.

The library was closed in 1971 due to earthquake damage, however, thanks to the dedicated efforts of preservationists and community members, the building was saved and renovated and reopend in 1997 as the Eagle Rock Community Cultural Center.

But this is not a post about preservation.  It is about one book from my childhood that I first found on the library shelves.  I took it home, read it, cried.  Every six months or so, I would look for it again on those low shelves, check it out again.

I'd forgotten that book for years.  And then a couple months ago, that book popped into my memory:  The Blue Cat of Castle Town.  Sadly it is no longer in print - it should be - but several Amazon resellers have copies.  Do read the customer reviews here

I bought one.  If I disappear for a few days, I am in Castle Town, learning the River's Song. 

"Once in a blue moon, there comes a cat that is blue" .... a cat fated to learn the song of the river, and in turn teach the same song to one special mortal ... a magical quest.




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