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Advertising with Pinpoint Accuracy on Facebook

This is a REBLOG of Bob Stewart's post Advertising with Pinpoint Accuracy on Facebook 

If you have ever wondered about advertising on FaceBook, check out Bob Stewart's post below ....

PLUS I am including a screen shot of the FaceBook targeting options screen, that some might find helpful:

Here's a link to FaceBook's Targeting FAQ

Be sure to click thru and read the comment stream on Bob's original post.....


In the middle of October, Ken Tracy let us all know (or maybe you knew already, but I didn't) that the October issue of REALTOR® Magazine had a coupon for $50 in free Facebook advertising.

REALTORs® are a good group to target in an attempt to generate advertising spend, you all spend a lot on advertising! So Facebook thinks if they pull you in with a freebie, you are likely to keep spending after your $50 runs out. My wife and mother-in-law have their issues sitting around the office so I really need to swoop one up and figure out the fine print before the offer expires.

(I don't know the details, I'm sure someone will fill us in. I have read that you can't use it if you have previously used Facebook advertising from your Facebook account, so that rules me out. But my wife never has, so I'll try it on hers if I catch it before it expires)

On Ken's post, someone left a comment to the effect of "Are people really on Facebook looking for a house or a REALTOR®?" This person didn't seem to think so. I don't either.

I don't think people go to the grocery store or the bus stop looking for REALTORs® either. I don't think they drive down the freeway and see billboards and think 'I need that guy to list my house'. They probably never walk out to their mailbox thinking 'I really hope there is something in the mailbox trumpeting the sales exploits of that amazing agent in our neighborhood'.

However, much of advertising is about brand recognition. When that person is in the frame of mind to think about buying a house or choosing a REALTOR®, you want your brand to come to mind. So repetition is important, but so is striking while they are in the right frame of mind, with an offer that's relevant to them

(Get to the point....what does this have to do with Facebook advertising??)

Have you ever played around with Facebook advertising? The ability to pinpoint who sees your ads is extremely clever. Young couples sometimes buy a home after getting married, right? You can pinpoint your advertising so it only shows to folks within 25 miles of you that have said in their profile that they are engaged. And then you can tailor the message to fit the people to whom you are marketing. Maybe like this (on the left)......

I'd have this ad go to a landing page where we could collect their information. Something non-evasive that gives them a chance to connect with our Facebook fan page, follow us on Twitter and for sure collect some key information from them.

WuFoo is a great site where you can build custom forms just for this sort of thing. Here's a video showing you how to use WuFoo.

What are some other ways we can specifically target certain groups? How about if you have a certain company that consistently relocates folks to your market. If I was in Detroit, I would target Ford. (Aren't they the only one of the big three still operating in the private sector and making a profit?) If you work for Ford, you would see my advertisement all the time. You'd come to remember that if you get moved because of your job, I specialize in helping people with Ford relocate.

Maybe English is your second language and your first language is Spanish? You can target folks that have indicated they speak Spanish.

You can target people between the ages of 20-24 that have graduated college, within 50 miles of you who work for Microsoft (of course, this would be more effective if you lived in the Seattle area). Do you think those guys are getting ready to buy their first home? If they got a job with Microsoft right out of college, I bet they are.......and there are 5440 of them on Facebook. Yep, it even tells you how many folks will be seeing your ad.

Maybe you only want to work with single women, 25-32 years of age, who have an interest in Golden Retrievers? You can target them too. And your ad only shows up to the folks you are targeting........in the state of Washington, that would be 60 single ladies, age 25-32, who have an interest in Golden Retrievers (and GR puppies).

The limits are only bound by your imagination.

Someone give me a good idea that you are going to try or are currently employing! I'll be giving out points if you impress us. I don't know how many, I just like doing that occasionally without feeling bad if I don't get them awarded on time. (which happens frequently)

(if you are scared to share for fear someone in your market will swoop in and start advertising against you, get over it email it to me directly. I promise I'll make it generic if at all possible and use the root of the idea to share with everyone...if it's not possible, I just won't share it, but I'd still like to see what you're doing)




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Good information. Thanks for sharing. Have a fine weekend and a safe Halloween.

 Life is good in Maryland.

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Thanks, CJ.  I am brand-new to AR and any kind of online marketing so this is very helpful. 

Have a great weekend.

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Hey CJ, I just signed up and played around on the site. Pretty cool stuff, thanks for the info :) have a Great Day!

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