Random thoughts on art, technology, stuff, and occasionally Real Estate: Photography 101: No Upload Program? No Problem!

Photography 101: No Upload Program? No Problem!

Judging by some of the comments over here, I figured I'd share a simple method for Windows users to transfer images to their computers by using Windows instead of photo album/upload software. 

I am using Windows Classic Theme.  If you are using a different theme, your screen appearance will vary, but the basic idea is the same.  And as always, this is not the only way to accomplish this task.  Experiment and find what works best for you.

I do not know Macs.  If you are a Mac user, and would like to explain the Mac way of doing this, please feel free to contribute.

First decide on/create a destination folder for your group of images.  This often overlooked step is key to being able to find your images again.  Many people go with "My Pictures" as their default image dump.  To create a new destination folder in "My Pictures":

          1.  Click Start -> Documents -> My Pictures

          2.  The "My Pictures" folder will open.  Notice the left hand column.  Select "Make a new folder".  Windows will create a new folder and ask you to name it.  For property listings, I usually go with the property address.  OK, now you have a place for your new listings.  All you need to do is put them there.

          3.  If you haven't already inserted your memory card into your card reader or media slot, do so now.  Notice that left column again.  Under the group "Other Places", find and click on "My Computer".  The window will change to a list of all the drives and storage devices on your computer. 

Your memory card will show up under "Devices with Removable Storage". Drill down by double clicking  each folder (or right-click-select-open works, too) until you see a listing of all the image files on the memory card.  The images files may be nested three or four folders in.   

          4.  Once you reach the images, you can use the "views" icon and select thumbnails to see which image is which.  Or you can just select them all and copy them all to your computer.  I sometimes like the latter way:  Copy them all to the 'puter, sort them out later.  To copy them all, click on the file name of your first image, hold down the shift key (I do this with my left thumb), scroll down the list of file names to the last image and while still holding down the shift key, click again.  Now all the images are selected.       

To select just some of the images.  Hold down the CTRL key while clicking on the individual file names.

          5.  Click Edit -> Copy.  Now all the selected images are in Windows clipboard.  Notice the left column again.   Click "My Pictures".  Find the new folder you just created.  Double click, (or right-click-select-open), to open your new folder.  Then click Edit -> Paste, and all the selected images will be placed in the new folder.

This took several minutes to type.  It probably took you some time to read.  The actual operation will take considerably less time.  After a little practice, you will be able to copy-and-paste with your eyes closed (almost).









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